Bed & Breakfast Calabria Region
scopri la filosofia di 'mba Less

“Compare Alessandro”

The name, “Compare Alessandro” in Calabrian dialect, is a drawer of popular habits and hugs full of comvillaged affection, and that, once opened, carries a baggage of unique moments, laden with melancholy.


Close friends, the matches with the rag ball, the game with the bowls made of walnuts, the waiting for the school train, the ride home. ‘Mba Less is a life album, a window on the past, left open to give glimpses of the future.



Like a postcard found by chance, Trebisacce preserves the melancholy of a moving memory. The well-known skyline, still appreciated and longed for by tourists, keeps the traits of unchanged time, as evidenced by an ancient photograph telling the passage - in 1930 – of the well-known American graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, whose memories of his trip to Calabria are preserved among history books. Known by everybody as “the old town”, Trebisacce is a universe of colors among the lanes and alleys tasting like summer, that become paths of long walks at sunset or early in the morning.

The skyline of the ancient village of Trebisacce 1930-2021

The B&B 'mba Less

Immersed in an oasis of peace and nature, among the views and lanes of this characteristic town centre, from which the perfume of laundry and the intense smell of an ancient cuisine arrive fleetingly, ‘Mba Less B&B, open from May to October, is in the middle of an architectural complex rich in history.

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