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The philosophy

discover the philosophy of 'mba Less
Trebisacce fish

Retro style and family memories interwine in the historic“Mba Less” B&B.

A tribute to the father figure, that becomes the leitmotif of a timeless story, steeped in charm and nostalgia.


‘Mba Less is a corner of Paradise located in the heart of Trebisacce historic centre, where it is possible to revive distant atmospheres and pause moments that last forever.



It is the ideal stopover for those who search for relaxing holidays, captivated by the beauty of a place halfway between dream and reality.


The name, “Compare Alessandro” in Calabrian dialect, is a drawer of popular habits and hugs full of comvillaged affection, and that, once opened, carries a baggage of unique moments, laden with melancholy.


Close friends, the matches with the rag ball, the game with the bowls made of walnuts, the waiting for the school train, the ride home. ‘Mba Less is a life album, a window on the past, left open to give glimpses of the future.


Typical Calabrian goodness and hospitality, features of compare Alessandro’s disposition, are revealed in the mission of the B&B, that to the luxurious surroundings rich of modern services favors a familiar and comfortable approach, in which to find oneself and the simple things of the past.


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