Bed & Breakfast Calabria Region

What to see

‘Mba Less B&B is a crossroads of wonderful and breathtaking landscapes, where history, culture and natural beauties meet.


Its exclusive panoramic terrace offers customers the enjoyment of unrepeatable and unforgettable scenarios dominated by bulky olive trees and majestic mountains, letting the roofs of the houses bow to its spectator, almost touching the sun.


A universe of colors climb through the lanes and alleys tasting like summer, which become paths of long walks at sunset or early in the morning. Besides, for those who want to discover new horizons moving by car, a few miles from Trebisacce there is an area of rare beauty.


From nearby Rossano - home of Amarelli licorice and Odissea 2000 Acquapark, homeland of stories, , small villages and jewels of the past, such as the precious Codex Rossanensis, the Unesco heritage manuscript preserved in the diocesan museum, or the ancient and isolated Basilian monastery, the Pathirion, place of prayer and dedication - to the archaeological park of Sibari.



Wellness and sport, but also fun, in a region that offers tourists endless resources and nuances.


From the Sila Mountain, generous harlot of vast expanses of woods and pure air and planet of animal species, to the Pollino National Park, in which the Lao river, flows for descents that give adrenaline doses, allowing tourists to experience real thrilling escursions.


Always in terms of adventure, inside the Pollino Park, a protected natural area, the Gorges of Raganello, - favorite hiding of foxes, martens, weasels, badgers, peregrine falcons and imperial crows - captivates the mind and restores the heart, giving back peace and quiet to those who dream of caresses of freedom on holiday.


Navel of the world and a hub for various activities, interests and cultures, Trebisacce, village of the Coast of the Achaeans, remains, however, somewhat renowned for its crystal clear sea.


Recognized, for years now, as blue flag, its coast, full of facets, satisfies any preference.


One of the few places in the world, within 20 km, to alternate wild shores with long sandy coasts and equipped beaches; corners that preserve the reflections and memories of the past, for a tourism that does not speak to the masses and does not admit ugliness.


Moreover, for those who do not want to renounce art and wellness, a mandatory stop is at the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Armi and at the grotta delle Ninfe, The latter is the guardian of an ancient legend that wants the thalamus of the beautiful Calypso. hidden in the cavern; an enchanting place, where the limestone rock walls open up and sigh towards the sky, to generate a warm water pool, known today for its therapeutic properties and thermal muds.


An eden of amazament that does not forget culture: passing through Matera, the castles of Corigliano and Rocca imperiale, and beautiful Roseto Capo Spulico, ideal for sailing.


A mix of territories that have in themselves the magic of memories and retain all the remembrance and the magnificence of mother nature on their ‘skin’.

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